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Willie Heaney Multivenue Autotest - Saturday 4th Sep 2021

TSCCNI is to hold a 3 venue autotest on Sat 4th Sep. Based at TTS at Nutts Corner, the chickensheds used recently and the Boyd's 'Game of Thrones' Quarry at Wolfhill.

0800 arrival, 0830 admin, 0900 cars start tests or leave for remote venues, aiming for 3 tests at 3 venues, hopefully all over by 1600.

This event is only open to road cars, which must be driven to the event and between each venue. Trailers are not allowed.

The event opens on Rallyscore tonight (Wed 11 Aug) at 2000hrs on the dot. £35 entry, £15 for juniors.

Timing will be by the now familiar Sapphire timing app.

As we are aiming for 3 tests at 3 venues, ie, 9 tests running at the same time, we are going to need a whole heap of marshals, so if you don't want to compete, please sign up on Rallyscore -Officials sign-on to assist on the day.

Colin McBride MBE TSCCNI Club Secretary

regs Willie Heaney Multivenue Autotest 4th Sep 2021
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