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TSCCNI Coronavirus Update

Who would have believed at the beginning of 2020 what a change in all our lives March would bring. In January your Committee was in the process of trying to get a decision from Ulster Folk Museum Management re: Cultra 2020 / 2021 and getting frustrated with the whole process but on the scale of things it now is of no consequence, events so world shattering have overtaken us and we all are suffering the consequences of belonging to the global village My wife accused me yesterday of not taking things seriously having two strikes against me namely 1. Old 2. Diabetic but my attitude is for everyone to use that neglected commodity - common sense. A Naval expression “ batten down the hatches “ would seem to be the way ahead for the foreseeable future My only regret is my Mustang has the Diamondbrite finish so my energies can not be spent in polishing it every day In past days before entertainment on ships , passengers confined to their cabins for long periods developed cabin fever ( severe touch of boredom ) , I  hope you all find things to keep you occupied but most importantly safe and healthy and this applies also to your family and friends I look forward to the resumption of our Club activities and Motorsport in general when this health emergency is behind us My best wishes in the meantime Leslie King Chairman TSCCNI

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