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Put it in your diary now - Croft Hillclimb moved to 12th June

Arrangements were already being processed for Croft Hillclimb 2021, with the event to take place as the first round of the NI Hillclimb Championship on 17th April. As we are already in a lockdown until 3rd March, with a review to take place in late February, the chances of it running in April were zero to slim.

As TSCCNI already have a date in the ANICC calendar in June, originally for Cultra Hillclimb, but lately a club sprint at Kirkistown, the suggestion was made to move Croft to this later June date to give it a better chance of running. This has now been ratified by ANICC and we can officially give notice that Croft Hillclimb has been moved to Saturday 12th June 2021.

Hopefully as more time passes and the numbers of vaccinations increase, we will move towards what we used to regard as normality, but realistically we are not out of the woods yet. The logistical organisation for Croft will now move apace, but there is still the chance that either the health situation will hit another hurdle and either slow down the rate of improvement or actually move backwards again.....who can tell at this point.

TSCC will do its best to run croft on 12th June, but there are many external agents and pressures that may conspire to thwart us, be they health, social or political.

I would ask you to write Croft Hillclimb into your diary for 12th June, but do it in pencil......just in case.

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