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Meet Lucinda McKee

What got you involved in Motorsport? 

 As a child my Mum used to take us to Kirkistown to watch both cars and bikes.  I then joined Millisle Young Farmers Club and loved taking part in  car slaloms in Wallace's mini, unfortunately I was never able to beat Janet Francis. I marshalled at my 1st Circuit of Ireland in 1977, and it just went on from there.

When did you join the TSCCNI?

About 5 years ago, I was a member of Peak Performance Motor Club and UAC for several years before that.

Whats your favorite event of the year?

Probably, It's Not the Boxing Day Rally, because  the craic is great, all I do is turn up and marshal, and then we have dinner afterwards to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

First competition entered, what car was it in and how did it go?

Apart from YFC slaloms, MGCC PCT held at the bottom of Craigantlet hill. 

Sharon Carson and I entered in Wallace's MX5, and according to the marshals we could be heard laughing in Newtownards. 

Favorite competition car and worst competition car?

Obviously not my car, but I love MK2 Escorts, as well as Opel Kadets.  I learned to drive in Mum's bright yellow S, which she used for sprints and hill climbs, the look on my examiners face when I turned up to take my test complete with rollcage and fire extinguisher, was priceless.

The best sounding car I ever heard was Dessie McCartney's Darrien leaving the start line at the CoI Ards Special Stage a few years ago, what a noise.

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