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Lockdown Liftoff Autotest 3 May 2021 - THE RESULTS

Well, here they are, sorry they are a bit late, but there were a few anomalies with the timings recorded by the timing App, but luckily the event secretary, who is sceptical of most things done on a smartphone, had the timekeepers record every result on a paper sheet as they went along and these were used to review the uploaded times from the App.

Well done to Ashley Lamont, a clear winner by 25 seconds over the 18 tests, with Jack Brien 2nd and Simon Brien 3rd. Ashley had 8 fastest times just to cement his 1st place. A notable finisher was Eric Martin who managed 2 fastest times at Test 1, the tight course must have really suited the wee Mini. Another notable finisher and 'Man of the Event' if we had such a thing, was Adam McMullan in his cut-down Toyota special. 3 fastest times and a constant mad grin whilst sitting with your scrotum in a puddle in horizontal rain definitely gets him my vote. Another man worth a mention is David Moore. A check of the full Excel results shows a fastest time in test 4, 3 seconds faster than Ashley. It reminds me of Craigantlet Hillclimb 2009, in 2nd practice run in my Fiat twin-cam Kit car, I achieved a new hill record, beating all the Pilbeams, OMSs, etc, by several seconds. Damn them for nullifying my run, I was definitely on a flyer and think it should have stood! Anyhow........well done to everybody for turning up, I know some people left early for various reasons, but of all the things we can plan for and put contingencies in place, the worst weather for nearly a month gave us all a bit of a battering. We'll give it another go soon and hopefully the weather will be kinder.

Colin McBride MBE TSCCNI & Event Secretary

Final Results Autotest 2021 05 03
Download XLSX • 67KB

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