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Croft Hillclimb 2022

April 9th sees the start of the 2022 ANICC Millers Oils Hillclimb Championship with Croft Hillclimb in Holywood. Cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, it returned late in 2021 as restrictions were relaxed enough to allow the event to run. For 2022, it's back to the early date in April, which may mean that the weather could be less favourable than the ideal dry, sunny day we had last year. We can only hope!

With a full entry of 85 cars, we need to make the most of the time available, with the road closing order in effect from 09:30 to 17:30. Scrutineering from about 07:30 in the paddocks, with first practice runs starting at 10:00.

Space will be at a premium this year, especially as we have now 'lost' our small trailer park in the driveway of the semi-derelict bungalow which is now being developed. Open trailers are to be parked in the Steiner school carpark (about 10 spaces) and at the Hugo Perry Homestead up Whinney Hill (about 15-20 spaces). If we are still short of space, to the point of competitors not having space to park their competition vehicles, the paddock marshals may instruct you to move your covered trailer to the trailer park. Failure to move will see you excluded from the event.

There will be a One-Way system in operation during the arrival period for the event. All vehicles are to arrive via Croft Road and drive up the Ballymenoch Rd until arrival at their allocated area. Vehicles will NOT be allowed to enter Ballymenoch Road at the Whinney Hill end. A cantankerous woman is being placed at the Whinney Hill end of the Ballymenoch Rd with specific instructions to not allow any event vehicles to enter and drive the wrong way down the one-way system. A map showing the parking allocations and this one-way system will be published next week along with the final instructions.

Here's the Supplementary Regulations for some light bedtime reading:

Croft Suppementary Regs 2022
Download PDF • 148KB

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