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Croft Hillclimb 2021 - Final Instructions

Dear Competitor/official, See attached Final Instructions for Croft Hillclimb. Please read, digest, ponder and follow the instructions contained therein. 'Gates open' about 0700, there will be glamorous assistants at both ends of the Ballymenoch Road whose task it is to hand out ID wristbands and take a note of names for COVID trace purposes. At least one of them can be quite vicious, so no lip or backchat. No spectators are allowed and if you have no wristband, you may be asked to leave the event. Have a look at which classes are to arrive from which end of the paddock. It will make the morning a lot easier if you follow this and don't try to swap paddocks to be with your buddy. Space will be tight, we have a full-house of 85 competitors, so 'ordinary open trailers' are to be moved to the designated trailer parks. This might mean removing spare wheels or some-such thing. Don't argue with the paddock marshal about not moving your trailer as you will feel very silly putting your car back on and going home for an early bath. Once you are in the paddock, a marshal will be giving out stickers to identify you as either Group 1 or Group 2. For each run, a motorcycle marshal will pass along the paddock roaring GROUP 1 or GROUP 2 TO THE STARTLINE. COVID is still very much with us. You should bring a mask with you and though it is not necessary to wear it constantly, say around your parking spot, you must don it if you come down to the startline area and it becomes congested and impossible to maintain a safe social distance, esp around the 2 chuckwagons. Be safe and if in doubt, put your mask on or walk away. We do not want to end up known as the 'Croft super-spreader event'. Parking & litter - all but 2 of the local residents have been very supportive and pleased to see the event returning. Please treat the area with respect, do not churn up the grass verges or leave litter when you depart. Officials, marshals & media - parking will be at a premium in the paddocks so I would ask that you park your cars in the Upper Croft Road as per the diagram in the Final Instruction. It may be necessary to park in the streets adjacent to Croft Road, just be aware of keeping residents access clear. The weather is supposed to smile on us all day Saturday, so hopefully a fast and fun day ahead. Be optimistic, bring some factor 20. Sheryl McBride Assistant Event Secretary

Croft2021-Final instructions 11 June
Download DOC • 493KB

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