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Croft Hillclimb 2021's finally back......we just missed a year and a bit. Preparations had been ongoing for running Croft Hillclimb, running a reduced number of competitors (at a larger entry fee) in line with the COVID restrictions imposed by the NI Executive. From Monday 24th May, those restrictions are being raised to allow 500 people to be present at an outdoors sports event. This means that we can now run Croft with a full entry of 80 competitors at a more normal entry fee. Should the restrictions change or be delayed, the club reserves the right to revert back to a smaller entry list which may mean that it is no longer part of the Millers Oils Hillclimb Championship....but hopefully it won't come to that.

Entries for the event will open on Rallyscore at 8.00pm sharp on Tuesday 18th May. COVID restrictions will still apply, ie, online signing-on declarations and self-scrutineering declarations, but there will be random scrutineering checks on the morning of the event....and a noise check.

The event regulations are attached to this post, please read them.

I have put the event on Rallyscore in a manner that all entries are treated as 'reserves' and do not get an 'automatic' entry, though they will be reviewed in time order, so get your entry in promptly if you want a place as I suspect it may fill up rapidly.

Hopefully see you on the Saturday morning,

Colin McBride MBE TSCCNI Club Secretary

Croft Regs 2021
Download PDF • 190KB

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