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Croft 2021 Results

Dear all,

What a day! After 2-3 weeks of paperwork, paperwork, cajoling, threats, more paperwork, 100+ telephone calls, excuses, begging, online live IT counselling and then more threats, the admin was done. The 'prep' team did a bit of hedge trimming, grass cutting,line-painting, banner-raising, etc, etc. There were some (small) moans about the road surface and 'wee stones' as it had recently been 'tarred and chipped' could have been so much worse, so a special mention for Jack Brien on the turbo-brush who went the entire length of the course on Friday evening, up and down, in a cloud of dust to get the surface in the condition we needed.

Saturday morning and it was over to the 'operations team' to run the event on the day and they did us all proud. Get 100+ cars, vans & trailers squirrelled away wherever they would fit, 1st car up the hill at 10:00 on the dot, 2 practice runs, 4 timed runs, that's about 500 starts off the line (give or take a few that didn't make the full 4 timed runs), a few scrapes and dents, but nobody going home with a wrecked car, Factor 20 definitely needed all day. It was all just about purfick as Del-boy would say.

There were initially a few enquiries about missing times for the 4th run, but Declan McAleer has it all sussed out and the final times and places are attached (and will be posted on the website & facebook).

I personally had a cracking day, got the trusty Sylva sub-40, chewing the tail-feathers of a Westfield Hayabusa...and going home in one piece with a sunburnt nose.

Feedback indicates that just about everybody else had as enjoyable a day as it was a successful event all round.

A big thankyou from the TSCCNI Club to all the competitors, marshals, medics, rescue, recovery, timekeepers, media, officials & residents who made the event possible and enjoyable, under more difficult circumstances than usual.

As they say at the Eurovision Song Contest, au revoir and Cairncastle.....over to you...

Colin McBride MBE

TSCCNI Club Secretary

Croft 21 Results
Download PDF • 41KB

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