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Character Spotlight Hon Club President William Heaney

What got you involved in Motorsport?

Family had a taxi business so there was always car stuff going on and it was natural to get interested in the sport. Then a family friend was involved in setting up a local kart club and I got involved with that. A college class mate was in to rallying and so I moved on to cars.

When did you join the TSCCNI? August 1986

Whats your favorite event of the year? When Cultra isn't running it has to be Cairncastle hillclimb.

First competition entered, what car was it in and how did it go? Omagh Motor Club Syonfin Hillclimb in June 1971 in my 1200cc Anglia Super. I completed the day without disgracing myself!

Favorite competition car and worst competition car? It has to be the "Pensioner Puma" that took me to the 2016 NI Hilllcimb Class 1 title. Of the large number of cars I navigated in over 40 odd years, the 1934 ex-works Team Talbot AV105 was easily the favorite. I was persuaded the navigate an Austin 7 Ulster on an event and it was by far the worst. No power and it broke down five or six times!!

Favorite and worst car you've had? All-time favorite is the Humber Super Snipe limousine we had for three years and the worst a Talbot Alpine I was "given" in payment for a job I did for a supposed friend of a friend


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