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Character Spotlight: Chris Wilson

When did you get involved in motorsport?

Got involved in Motorsport in 1965 with some friends marshaling on rallies and autotests. Did several years and had a bit of a break because of an interest in bikes. Started to marshal at Kirkistown in 1974 on an invite from a friend. went on to marshal at all branches of motorsport. When did you join the TSCC?

Joined TSCC in 1993? Whats your favourite event during the year?

Favourite event Croft. What was your first event and what car was it in?

First event Croft 1997 in my MG Midget purchased as a pile of bits most of which were rusty from Derek Walker Favourite competiton car and worst competition car?

This has been my only competition car so it is my favorite when working and the worst when not. Chris Wilson

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