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Nuttcracker Autotest 26/09/2020

Supplementary Regulations


Nuttcracker Autotest 26/09/2020



1.The TSCC will organise a Clubman’s Permit Autotest on Saturday 26 September 2020 at Nutts Corner airfield, adjacent to the drift oval (entrance exactly opposite Sunday Market entrance, Moira Rd). This follows on from the Lockbreaker autotest at Kirkistown in August and takes lessons learned from that event. All competitors must realise that social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to, both physically and in spirit and all measures taken by the club to allow the event to take place must be adhered to.

No spectators/helpers/coaches allowed, strictly limited to competitors and marshals only and one adult per junior to assist (From the Same Household). Those wishing to marshal must contact the event secretary prior to the event.

2. The meeting will be governed by the General Regulations of the Motorsport UK Ltd., (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions that the organising club may issue for the event.


3. Motorsport UK permits 118953 (Autotest) and 118954 (Production Car Autotest) have been granted.


4. Following the successful Kirkistown event, this event is opened up to all fully elected members of the TSCC (NI) who invite members from: CAM, ADC, BADMC, C&DMC, CMC, DMC, EMC, LMC, MGCC, NAMC, NUCC, USSE, UAC, and TDC Ireland, to compete in this event. All competitors must produce a valid membership card, and have a MSUK Licence


5. The programme of the meeting is – Circuit opens, event admin from 9.00am, 1st car starts 10.00am with up to 3 runs at up to 6 tests, all tests may not count towards final results. If time and conditions permit, a further set of runs may be included at the end of the competitive event. Scrutineering and signing on declarations are now included in the Rallyscore entry system to reduce contact however a random check may occur.


6. The event shall consist of classes as follows –

Class 1 - Historics, pre ’85

Class 2 - Sports cars up to 1600cc Class 6 - Non original cars (ie engine & suspension swap)

Class 3 - Sports cars over 1600cc Class 7 - Specials

Class 4 - Saloon cars up to 1600cc Class 8 - Juniors

Class 5 - Saloon cars over 1600cc


Car classes will be organised at the Club’s discretion.

As the Club Championship for this year has been abandoned, this event is not a championship round.




8. The entry list opens on publication of these regulations and the opening of the Rallyscore page for this event. Entries must be made via Rallyscore at Entries will not be accepted until paid in full. The Rallyscore entry page will open on Friday 4th September at 8:00pm.


9. The entry fee is £35, or £15 for juniors. Dual entries are permitted as per Motorsport UK regulations D17.1 and D17.1.1, however they must be from the same immediate family.


10.The maximum entry for the meeting has been limited to 60. The minimum is 40. TSCC members will be given priority on the entry list for the first 48hrs, then all remaining places are open. Non-TSCC members will be listed in order of application time, so it is advantageous to enter promptly on entries becoming live on Thursday evening. Should the minimum figure not be reached the organisers have the right to cancel the event


11.Competitors are to mark their cars with their allocated competition number. The number must be visible in the top RH corner of the car windscreen. It may be internal or external, sticker or marker.


12. WITHDRAWN ENTRIES WILL INCUR AN ADMINSTRATION FEE OF £5, up to the day before the event, after which the entry fee will be forfeited in full, unless a reserve can be found. Delete if free entry


13.Officials are -

Event Steward TBC

Clerks of the Course John Clarke

Deputy CoC Tony McLaughlin

Secretary Colin McBride

Assistant Gordon Fogarty

Results Colin McBride

Scrutineers Self scrutineered under COVID19 rules.

COVID19 Officer John Clarke

Provisional results will be available throughout the day on the Sapphire Autotest App.( Available to download directly to your phone – search your App Store for Production Car AutoTest) .

Final Results Will published as soon as possible following the end of the event, and be posted on the Club and ANICC websites. All appeals must be lodged within 30 minutes of provisional results be finalised.


14.Any protest must be lodged in accordance with Motorsport UK Regulations C5.1 – 5.7.


15.Copies of test diagrams will be posted on the club Facebook Page 1 week in advance of the event.

a. Timing will be by an online system called Sapphire, with a back-up system using stop watch, to the nearest 0.10 second. The starting signal will be verbal

b. The order of attempting tests will be as instructed at drivers briefing

c. Competitors must run in order, unless permission is granted by the CoC, failure to comply may result in a 30 second penalty.

d. If a car breaks down, and is repaired the driver may re-join at the end of the group


16.Practising will not be allowed and may result in disqualification, no walking of the course is allowed once the event has started. This may seem onerous, but is necessary to reduce the risk of contact between competitors. In general, competitors are not encouraged to leave their vehicles unless strictly necessary. A chuckwagon will be in attendance and social distancing must be adhered to when ordering food and eating.


17.COVID discipline – there were several transgressions during the last autotest and these will not be allowed to occur during this event. Offenders will be warned and ‘yellow carded’, a 2nd offence will result in them being ‘red-carded’ and removed from the event. Those red-carded must leave immediately and will not receive a refund.


18.Penalties will be as follows as per Motorsport UK Yearbook table M7-

a. Pylons, striking any barrier - 5 seconds per offence

b. Lines, failure to stop astride a line as requested – 5 seconds per offence

c. Not performing test correctly – fail. NB fail = fastest time in class, on that test plus 20 seconds.

d. There will be a maximum time for each test which will be fastest time in class plus 20 seconds.


19.Juniors – Must be over 14 years of age. Cars must be a standard production car, have all 4 seats fitted and be by definition a touring car not exceeding 1400cc. One passenger holding a full RTA MUST accompany juniors. Only cars driven by juniors are permitted to carry a passenger, unless special permission is sought from CoC. Under COVID rules, the passenger must be an immediate family member. No spectators are allowed, however family members driving competition cars to the event for younger members are allowed.


20.Competitors are remined of noise limits – Motorsport UK regulations J5.17.1-8 – J5.18.1-11.


21.In the event of a tie, total penalties accrued by each competitor will be compared after the 1st visit to each test. If this fails to resolve the tie then the total penalties accrued on the 2nd visit will be considered, and so on until the tie is resolved.


22.In accordance with Motorsport guidelines the TSCC have 2 Child Safeguarding Officers, Fel McIlroy 07712 0551149 and Kevin McNamee 07774 811133 who can be contacted if required.


23.Judges of Fact shall be all Officials named above, all signed on marshals, excluding drivers, plus anyone nominated by the CoC.


24.Tyres from lists 1b & 1c are NOT permitted as per 2020 Blue Book M4.7 (page 198). All other road going E marked tyres are permitted.

All queries should be addressed to the Secretary of the Meeting, Colin McBride on 07792 369670, or by email to –

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