Entering TSCC Autotests

Up until now it has been possible to “arrive and drive” at TSCC autotests but unfortunately we will have to ask for entries prior to events from now on. We appreciate that it gave the events a great deal of flexibility for competitor just to arrive and sign on.
Due to a recent surge in demand for autotests in general we have to insist on any competitor wishing to attend an event contacting the event secretary prior to the event to reserve a place. The reason for this is that we give a maximum entry number on our supplementary regulations and this cannot be exceeded when we run the event. This is down to MSA regulations. If for example we have a maximum entry number of 50 and 55 people show up – the last 5 people to arrive at scrutiny will not be allowed to run. We do not feel this is fair to a competitor who has spent considerable time, effort and money preparing a car to arrive at the event and be told they cannot compete. It is a simple matter of e-mailing, texting or phoning the secretary of the event to reserve your place and he/she will reply confirming your place or informing you that the entry limit has been exceeded. It is important that you receive a reply – if you do not it is possible the secretary has not received your message so it is worth chasing it up. The secretary’s contact details for each event will be on the website along with the supplementary regulations and entry form in the run up to each autotest, the secretary may change from event to event.
If your entry is accepted, please download print and bring you completed entry form on the day as it contains your scrutiny form. You will still be able to pay at sign on.
The entries will be treated on a “first come – first served” basis, so the earlier you put in your intent to compete – the more likely it is you will get an entry.
We know this is a bit of a change from the usual format but it is being put in place to ensure no-one is disappointed and everyone is treated fairly.