Cultra Hillclimb was first run on 6th May 1905 by the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club during a ‘motormeet’ at the estate of Sir Robert Kennedy, now the site of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.
Excepting the ‘Great War Years’, the event ran until 1929 and then moved out of Cultra to become Croft Hillclimb, Holywood from 1930. This latter event still runs today as the opening round of the ‘Millers Oils’ ANICC Hillclimb Championship.
The TSCC first revived Cultra in April 2000, establishing its as the Worlds’ Oldest Active Speed Hillclimb and ran a series of eight hillclimb competitions up until 2005.
Following major infrastructure work in the Museum, they then revived it for a second time in 2010 for a planned series of ‘Themed Events’ in closer association with the Folk and Transport Museum, putting on more of a ‘Show’.
Cultra Event Co-ordinator
William Heaney
Tel; 07719796469