Important info

Car Etiquette!!!
We are adopting a hard line on the presentation of vehicles taking part in our events. People will no longer be able to enter events if their cars are not presented in good order.
This means that the car must arrive clean and polished to events. We will no longer tolerate cars that look like they have been racing in an off road event!
Likewise we will not accept vehicles that look like they have just been driven out of a scrap yard!
The club is all in favour of budget motorsport, but a line has to be drawn as we are getting a bad name.
It is YOUR club – please try to keep it in the good standing that it has striven to achieve over the years. Generally this has improved over the last year but this is just a further warning so that you
won’t get caught out!!!!
Important information for speed events
As of 01/01/2010
Blue Labeled BS 6658-Type A will no longer be acceptable
Replaced with – Red Labeled BS 6658-Type A/FR
Flame resistant gloves must now be worn at all Hill Climb and Sprints.
As of 01/01/2012
Single layer sprint suits BS 6429/ BS EN533 will no longer be acceptable
Overalls homologated to either FIA 8856-2000 or FIA 1986 standard are mandatory.