March 18th Autotest Update

Update – TSCC Autotest 18th March – Entries Closed!

The autotest being held at the Airfield in Millisle on 18th March has reached it’s entry limit in an unprecedented 3 days!
Many thanks for your continued support of our events. We are still taking reserve entries but obviously these will not be confirmed unless someone drops out between now and 18th March.
The entry list is as follows :
Sam Baird
Eric Martin
Ron Mullan
Derek Harrison
Brendan Mullan
Kevin McNamee
Johnny McNamee
Ivan McStea
Peter Mann
Nathan Mann
Richard Harrison
Robert Harrison
Michael Harrison
Steven Harrison
Jack Brien
Paul Muldoon
Robert McGimpsey
Tony McLaughlin
Allan Harryman
Ben McKee
Adam McKee
Mark Lemon
John Grant
Brian Glenn
Paul Jennings
Grahame Jennings
Josh Finlay
James Finlay
Jimmy Dougan
Will Gamble
Ben Colhoun
Gary Duncan
Matthew Walker
Jonathon Millar
Will Thompson
Bailie Thompson
Robert Woodside snr
Simon Woodside
Paul Beardmore
Wilson Carson
Adam McMullan
Angus Johnson
George Johnson
Andy Johnson
Patrick Johnson
Dermot Johnson
Mark Bryan
John Kelly
Peter McCartan
Bryan Mutch
Ivan Kelly

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