Thoroughbred Sports Car Club NI


The Thoroughbred Sports Car Club Northern Ireland (TSCCNI) was formed in 1982 by a group of local enthusiasts with a variety of sports car makes, the majority of which did not have a “Make Club” in the Province, at the time.

The Club Constitution states our primary aims as being “the maintenance, restoration and use of classic and historic sports cars. For 1983 the club affiliated itself to the MSA and ANICC, and the club competition championship was started, being won that first year by Mr. Robin Patterson in an E-Type Jaguar. The decision was taken that the Club Championship should be restricted to road-going sports cars, to encourage members to make use of the cars the club had been founded to cater for. This set the blueprint for the championships as they are today, with a mix of autotests, hillclimbs, sprints and races counting towards the year-end total, although the overall format has evolved over time.
By 1989 the local competition sports car scene was changing and to retain the membership a separate non road-going championship (The Open Category) was introduced, this was followed two years later by the controversial introduction of a class for pre-’75 Saloon Cars. This set a pattern whereby the TSCC has continued to adapt to the changing motorsport climate so that its’ Club Championships class structure now embraces all types of car of any age and offers the competing membership a range of Titles and Trophies to aim for, each year.
The TSCC isn’t just about competitive motorsport. Alongside our competitive events, the club organises up to half a dozen Social events each year, comprising Track Days at Kirkistown, Tulip Fun Run, BBQ and the Annual Awards Dinner. Plans are also being considered to re-introduce “Club Sundays”, in an effort to further enhance the social side by meeting up for a natter n noggin on a regular basis.

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