TSCC Charity Autotest

A good turn out for our charity Autotest. Photos and reports to follow very soon.

We managed to raise £320 for Marie Curie, so thanks again to everyone who organized, helped, attended and took part. Special thanks to the marshalls.

Meanwhile the times can be viewed here

Our own Graham Curry took part in the event in his project MX5. Here is his report.

Well after a manic week to get the car finished off and all ready for its first event we finished it off at around 5pm yesterday (Friday).

Within 4 days saw 8 wheels and cage painted (thanks to mark at paintworx bangor, hydraulic handbrake installed, diff rebuilt with Kaaz plated LSD unit, full livery applied and not being in the house for pretty much a week.

Soon after I took the car a good drive on twisty roads to bed the diff in, followed by driving tight figure of 8′s in a large car park and then some more driving on country roads, all seemed well (thanks to Raymond mason for the last minute diff build after I had been let down by someone else).

The diff is rather tight indeed and driving slowish 3rd gear bends it clunks and creaks, a small sacrifice for a good steer round the pylons at the tests.

This morning I picked up Chris Clugston my mechanic (who I asked to do a dual entry with me as a thank you for his efforts in getting the car finished) and we set off to the auto test at North Down Grains.

30 mins or so to get there, roof down on arrival (camp as Christmas I know) and got the test diagrams at sign on, MY GOD I wasn’t expecting a “charity event” and the first of the season to be so damn difficult.

None the less, we started on “test 2” which was the largest and toughest with 3 sections to it, one of which was inside the largest shed I have ever seen (I felt like ken block for all of 10seconds we spent sliding about it). I was ok on the first 2 areas but the last area was so complicated I failed twice in a row for going the wrong way.

Onto “test 1” we went and it was much more open and more simple (why we didn’t get selected for this test first is beyond me), we got 3 runs at it, I failed the first after a pesky pylon miss and then had two cracking runs (even with no handbrake as the lever broke on us, agricultural replacement on route) which really pleased me and my times were not too shabby either compared to others of similar level and car. On this test I beat Chris’ time so our personal battle was started.

Then it was back to “test 2” for the third run on it and I nailed it by getting it right which made my day as it was so complex but the mechanic beat me on this one by a few seconds. We shook hands on our own battle as a draw and then I took the little Mazda out for some testing under no stop clock and it helped greatly in getting to grips with using the throttle to steer.

Next up is Millisle Airfield test on 24th March and after today I am feeling confident for the first round of the championship.


Graham Curry

07759 886 123


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